Swire Coca-Cola, delivering refreshment to the communities we call home.

Who We Are

John Swire & Sons began operations in Liverpool, England as a trading company. Swire currently has worldwide interests in aviation, property development, marine services, beverage production & distribution, engineering, cold storage, agriculture, and a variety of trading companies.

In 1978, desiring to expand its soft drink business, Swire purchased the franchise rights for the Coca-Cola bottler in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the ensuing years, Swire continued to purchase other surrounding franchised bottlers and distributors.

Together with all other Swire operating companies, Swire Coca-Cola, USA continues to hold fast to the traditions of integrity, commitment, hard work, and family unity that were first instilled by John Swire & Sons so many years ago. As a dedicated partner with The Coca-Cola Company, Swire Coca-Cola, USA will continue to achieve growth and success for years to come.


To deliver refreshment to the communities we call home.


At Swire Coca-Cola, we win together by serving as constant and true advocates for our people, our customers, our partners, our community, and our planet.


To unleash our potential by performing as a leading technology company that delivers refreshment, anytime anywhere.

Management Philosophy:

Safety and Sustainability
Safety first, at all times. We will never compromise the safety of our staff, our business partners, our customers or consumers. We are committed to building a sustainable business which supports the environment and our communities.

Customer Focus and Execution Excellence
The customer is at the center of everything we do. Excellent execution in every outlet everyday is the key to success.

Teamwork and Communication
We are always on the same team. We always seek and state the truth and keep lines of communication open. We value honesty and integrity.

Commitment to World Class
We are committed to learn from the best until we become the best. We are dedicated to continuous learning and improvement. We identify best practices and roll them out effectively. We celebrate the successes we have earned.

We act like owners at all times. We trust each other to make the right decision for the long-term and take full responsibility for our own destiny.

The Swire Group Motto

Esse Quam Videri-

Often reference as ‘EQV’ – is the Swire group and Swire family motto. It is a Latin proverb and literally translated, it means ‘To be, rather than to seem to be.’

Commitment to Equality

To achieve our mission of serving as constant and true advocates for our people, our customers, our partners, our community, and our planet, our company must reflect the rich diversity of every community we serve. Swire Coca-Cola's commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is not a standalone initiative. Instead, it's a core value we’re threading through every aspect of our business and expect of every leader in our organization.  

Executive Leadership

Rob Gehring

President and CEO

Lee Beard

Senior Vice President, 

Brendan Cranna

Chief Sales Officer

Jason Grover

Chief People Officer

Andrea Kendell

Andrea Kendell

Chief Financial Officer

Genevieve LeBlanc

Senior Vice President, 
Strategy & Commercial

Michele McKillip

Senior Vice President, 
Corporate Affairs & Communications

Bryan Sink

Senior Vice President,
Supply Chain

Cydni Tetro

Cydni Tetro

Chief Information Officer