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Swire Coca-Cola, USA is committed to the sustainable development of our company. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of the production, sales and distribution of our products. We carefully consider all of our activities and the needs of our community so we can be good stewards of our planet and the communities in which we operate.

Our sustainability goals center around three areas – water, climate and packaging. We work closely with The Coca-Cola Company and our parent company Swire Pacific to develop our sustainability objectives and initiatives, and to gain efficiencies in implementing our sustainability programs.


Our water stewardship goal is to return to communities and nature an amount of water equivalent to what we use in our finished beverages. Water is the main ingredient in most of our beverages and it is essential to our manufacturing processes. Most importantly, water is the life-sustaining resource for the communities and ecosystems in which we operate, therefore it is paramount that we share and manage this precious resource together.

We approach our water stewardship goal through three strategies: risk management, conservation, and replenishment. First, it is important for us to understand where our source water comes from, so we ensure we map out the risks to the watersheds in which we operate. Second, our conservation projects work to reduce the amount of water used in the manufacturing process. We’ve reduced our manufacturing water consumption by almost one-third. Third, Swire Coca-Cola is aligned with The Coca-Cola Company to safely return to communities and nature an amount of water equal to what we use in our finished beverages.

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We recognize the world needs to act swiftly and decisively to reduce carbon emissions and we are committed to supporting this through innovative approaches to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from our manufacturing processes, distribution, and cooling and vending equipment.

Packaging and Recycling

We are aligned with The Coca-Cola Company in our commitment to achieving a World Without Waste through innovative strategies in packaging design, internal waste management programs, and community partnerships to drive improvements in recycling and recovery. The goal of World Without Waste is to help collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one we sell by 2030.

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  • 2008 State of Utah Meritorious Pollution Prevention Award
  • 2009 State of Utah Pollution Prevention Award for Outstanding Achievement
  • 2016 Utah Green Business Magazine Award for Water Conservation
  • 2017 Best of State Award – Beverage Industry – for water stewardship